Elcometer 280 Pulsed DC Holiday Detector Inspection Kit

The Elcometer 280 is a ‘stick type’ holiday detector which has been designed to make pulsed DC high voltage holiday detection safer, easier and more reliable than ever before.

Using state of the art electronics, the Elcometer 280 allows users to inspect coatings – without connecting the earth return lead to the component substrate – ideal for inspecting large surfaces and pipelines.

The Elcometer 280 uses the high voltage pulsed DC technique to detect holidays in coatings – even if the coating is damp, dirty or slightly conductive.

From the two stage safety switch, bright LED’s and screen icons signifying when the high voltage is on, to the extended ribbing to protect the user from spark creep, the Elcometer 280 sets the standard for high voltage measurement safety.

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