Over the last 10 years, our EPC team has grown steadily as a result of the strong demand in the energy sector in Indonesia.

Our EPC team has performed services through Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management. Our engineer team ensures that planning is preceded by the precise and comprehensive design of drawings, and processes them using software, which allows our team to collect all the different functions that work together to produce work outputs according to the set standards.

To maximize our clients’ investment, we built a Procurement team, which is responsible for gathering all procurement resources, systems, market knowledge, and price volumes from all over the world.

Emira Energi Corp offers a one-stop solution for clients. This function is performed by our construction management team which controls and manages the overall planning, coordination with different units, from concept to project completion. The team aims to meet the needs of our clients to build functional and financially viable projects that will be completed on time and meet the required world-class quality.

We provide services to build:

  • Fabrication, Steel Structure, Piping, & Mechanical Equipment Installations
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Installations
  • Pipe lines Installations