Advanced NDTNon Destructive Testing (NDT)

Eddy Current Testing (ECT)


  • Eddy current coil generates primary magnetic field
  • Primary magnetic field induces eddy currents in the material
  • Eddy currents generate secondary magnetic field in the opposite direction
  • Coil impedance changes, as a result
  • Impedance change is measured, analyzed and correlated with defect dimensions

Advantages of ECT

  • ECT can be used to inspect Non-Ferrous Tubes ( eg. SA249-TP304L,  SA249-TP316, Brass, Titanium, Inconel,  Monel, Cupro-Nikel, etc. )
  • Eddy Current testing is suitable for detection, sizing and quantified, affordable and quick method of    inspection.
  • Can detect ID / OD pitting, fretting, stress cracks,  localized corrosion
  • Fast method inspection. Able to inspect 700 tubes with 6m length per day, subjected to tubes conditions.
  • It’s possible to detect and quantify defects under support  plates